Sign Maintenance


Everyday, every impression made on a potential customer is a negative one when the sign is not looking its best. With proper care, signs can be maintained and looking their best for every impression.

To use the expression, stitch in time saves nine. A sign maintenance program can simplify your work life, save time for business owners , save money and have your business looking it’s best.

Sign maintenance is part of a complete sign management program, which should include the following:

  • Sign Inspection and Evaluation
  • Design and Visual Presentation
  • Planning Applications
  • Manufacture
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Project Management companies

There are three basic methods of sign management that are used as follows:


    This entails replacing all the signs in a building or campus, after a set interval of time. This happens no matter the appearance of the signage at the time. This time depends upon the life of the materials used.


    This involves a physical inspection of signage, on an annual or biannual basis. Those signs which don’t meet the requirements are identified for replacing or repair.


    This involves maintaining a database of detailed information off all signage and and signage installation. This system will identify when a sign reaches the end of it’s service life. This list is then used to fabricate the necessary signs and have re- installed.

    This method requires the least labor.


    1. All signs will be properly maintained and kept looking at it’s best.
    2. A copy of all signage design and text should be maintained so as to be legible and complete.
    3. The sign structure shall be maintained in a vertical position unless originally permitted otherwise, and shall be maintained in safe condition at all times.
    4. All parts and surfaces shall be cleaned, painted or replaced as necessary to maintain the original appearance.
    5. Electrical systems shall be in a safe condition at all times.

Proper maintenance of your signage is vital, a bad sign or no sign is a sign of no business. Call our team or experts if you have any question about existing signage and repairs.


Just Neon offers affordable sign services suitable for both large and small businesses, backed by quality workmanship and a full range of in-house design, installation and sign repair and maintenance services.

Just Neon Provides sign servers and maintenance for their products and products of other sign companies. We can provide service locally or use our wide network of qualified vendors nationwide.

  • LED Upgrade/ Retrofit
  • Sign Installation & Sign Removal
  • Sign Maintenance
  • Sign Repair
  • Sign Retrofitting
  • Sign Re-lamp
  • Sign Cleaning and Sign Refurbishing
  • Sign Safety Inspections
  • Sign Restoration
  • Awning Repair
  • Parking Lot lighting Maintenance
  • Corporate Sign and Rebranding

Custom Design Services

Just Neon offers unique graphic design services, with professional consultation to assist the client to generate the signage that best suits their needs. This includes in-house graphic design of signs and promotional materials, as well as the creation of custom logos. We offer assistance in file transfer of larger digital files.

Signage Manufacturing

Just Neon will work with you through every stage of your sign project, from inception and design, to landlord approval, permitting, fabrication and installation. Our 40 years of experience ensure that the entire process is easy and efficient from beginning to end.

Whether you have a design or corporate identification in place, or you need expert assistance, our design department can complete the transformation from design to a completed product.

Our Graphics and digital printing Department can produce trade show banners and portable signs, vehicle wraps and window decals.

Our 10,000 square foot manufacturing facility will provide all metal fabrication, painting and electrical wiring for your project. Custom neon signs are one of our specialties. Of course, all work is UL listed and approved!

Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Our crane trucks and service vehicles are capable of installing, maintaining and repairing signage projects of all scales, from high rise buildings to monument and window signs. We can revitalize an historic landmark sign with new state of the art LED lighting or restore it with nostalgic neon.


Customised signage for permanent or temporary exhibitions are an invaluable way to promote your business or product. Exhibitions can benefit from a range of pop up displays, pull up banners, prints for walls, posters, fabric banners and brochure racks, all of which are easy to transport and set up.

Modern and functional signage for small, medium or large businesses

In a world of increased competition, companies of all sizes have recognised the benefits in increasing the awareness of their brand and identity. Servicing a wide range of commercial and retail businesses, we specialise in providing high quality corporate identity signage, reception branding, boardroom, office and meeting room solutions, custom window signage, illuminated and lightbox signs, wayfinding and directory signage. Just Neon has a longstanding reputation for providing creative and modern signage solutions for all outdoor and indoor applications. Whether you need to bring your branding to life or create a little privacy, our versatile and customised printing and signage solutions provide you with the look and result you require.

Custom Interior Signage

Custom interiors enhance the look and feel of your environment and create maximum impact. Just Neon provides a range of professional and creative solutions to transform all types of interior spaces such as commercial offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and sales centres. Digital wallpaper has become one of the most fashionable and versatile solutions for interior branding and decorating both large and small wall spaces. Custom wallpaper printed using our solvent based technology is not only vibrant but has great UV longevity. It also offers the flexibility to be removed without leaving any damage or residue on the wall surface, which is particularly appealing in heritage buildings and museum environments. High quality solvent canvas printing has gained much popularity in modern décor theming for hotels, offices and sales centres. Our high quality solvent canvas looks and feels like true artist canvas. Expertly stretched over a stretcher frame it provides a cost effective solution for visual images of all sizes.

Portable, compact and reliable display systems

Portable display systems have become a modern affordable accessory essential for marketing any size business. Their portability and ease of use allows them to be used in almost any environment. Requiring a minimum amount of floor space, portable displays have become a popular choice for promoting brand awareness and products. Suitable for trade shows, conferences, reception areas, point of sale, events and showrooms, there is a system available to suit any budget or fit any space. Portable displays can include pull up banners of various sizes or pop up displays in standard sizes for maximum impact indoors or outdoors. Display systems can also be custom built for large exhibitions. Make the most of your space and maximise your brand with quality printing and portability.

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