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Do you have an interior design business? Neon is quickly becoming a must-have for modern interior décor, and it could provide the finishing touch to the makeover you provide through your interior design services. Neon signs for interior design can give you that competitive edge, allowing you to provide something unique for your customers.

As an interior designer, you already have a creative eye for detail, colours and textures. By investing in neon signs for interior design, you can take this to the next level and offer a beautiful decorative piece to finish off the room. Whether you are helping a family renovate their whole home or just one room, help someone re-imagine their space with the addition of a neon sign.

Neon signs for interior design can provide a welcoming feature, with its eye-catching glow and pop of colour. With so many designs to choose from, you can use neon for a number of purposes, including purely decorative or to provide unique lighting, to bring everything together. Inspire your clients with something they may not have thought about before, with a range of neon signs for interior design including famous quotes, familiar images or even something completely personalised.

We can help you to create custom neon signs for interior design, ensuring you are able to provide an unrivalled service for your customers.


At Just Neon we can work with you to bring your vision to life, creating a unique neon sign to suit your requirements.  Whether you’re looking for a made to order neon sign or you’d prefer to hire one, we can help you decide on the best style and design for your home, business or event. Please note we are only able to arrange and guarantee delivery within South Africa and neighboring countries

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