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Neon Signs are produced by the craft of bending glass. This form of illumination is a bright and powerful form of advertising. Neon signs have been around for decades and have an application which gives it a class of its own. It is bright and vibrant and when applied in the correct signage application can create a fantastic visual statement. At Just Neon we custom make our Neon signs. Neon signage is a great way to give your company or business that extra exposure it may need to stand out from the rest. Neon signs are suitable for business, home, art and even gifts for that special occasion.


Our staff understands the need to maximize your visibility and lasting presence in the marketplace. Whether incorporating neon, LED, fluorescent, dimensional components or digital images, our signs are built to your best fit.


Initially, you will speak with one of our sales executives to discuss your vision and needs. This may be done in our showroom or on site if helpful. In this early dialog, we review various options and materials that may be utilized in your project.

Once we determine the necessary criteria, our design team lends their creative skills to the process. For instance, they may create designs that are digitally superimposed (and to scale) onto your very site. This ensures that you have an informed understanding of the proposed finished project.


Once the design is approved, Just Neon handles the entire project for you: site inspection, coordination with electrical contractor (when necessary), permit drawings, permit applications, fabrication, installation, and beyond. You also receive the Just Neon Warranty at no additional charge — an unparalleled 2 year limited warranty.


The industry standard warranty is one year, we offer two because we simply build a better sign. Our warranty is free of charge and protects you from craftsmanship failure, product failure and the subsequent parts and labor associated with said failure(s).

Things to consider with Neon

Make sure your sign is easily accessible for maintenance or tube replacement.
You’ll need to implement a regular maintenance program to ensure a long life.
Placement is important – being in a cooler spot can help maintain tube life.

What are Neon Signs?

Neon signs are glass tubes filled with inert gas which glows with the passing of an electrical current. Fully customisable Neon signs are constructed by bending the tube into the required shape. To learn more about Neon and our Illuminated sign options talk to your local Speedy Signs expert today.


Your name says it all. It is your brand and your reputation. At Just Neon, we design, manufacture and install signage with a corporate style using 3 dimensional lettering and logos with the option of the signage being illuminated or non-illuminated. We also specialise in multi-site branding to keep your image the same South Africa wide.

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