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Our experienced team of highly skilled design professionals will take a look at your neon signage goals and present exciting new ideas and custom solutions with your specific needs in mind. We will develop a beautiful looking neon sign fit to your specifications. You give us the idea and we make the magic. Neon can be custom designed for any image style, and it is also often used to illuminate wall letters or interior store areas.

Choosing neon for your preferred method of signage affords you the most flexibility for customizing your business’s signage. Of our wide variety of neon sign types for sale, you can choose between Pan-Channel letter (plastic-face individual letters for a wall or storefront), window neon (self-contained, portable sign displays), exposed wall or window neon and decorative neon accents.

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The first thing people are going to look at is your businesses sign, it is this visual that helps them to form an opinion about your business. So, if your sign should be broken, cracked, or just not working properly, the people miss out on giving your business that first good impression. We have the ability to diagnose problems with your sign and have it back up and working in a short period of time. As always, our new signs come with a guarantee, including our neon repairs. If you have a broken neon sign, we can help for we are capable of repairing any broken neon sign you could have. We are also capable of matching just about any color you could have, as we have a huge inventory of glass on hand. Simply bring your sign to us and we can test its components and give you a firm price on the repairs, and also an estimate of how long it will take.

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Neon Sign Fabrication

Not only can we design your sign but we can also fabricate neon signs in our sign shop. We can fabricate nearly any type of commercial sign from single retail and monument signs to multi-location and national signage. Just Neon Services is recognized for our beautiful sign fabrication, on-time delivery, customer service, and a team of skilled sign fabrication experts that have a 360 degree, comprehensive approach to building signs.

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Neon Sign Installation

Our neon sign installation team and equipment can handle everything from the simplest interior neon signs, to the biggest and most complex exterior installations on neon signs that utilize cranes. Our crews serve all of Johannesburg, South Africa to deliver and install your company’s neon sign(s) on time and in an efficient, professional manner.

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Neon Sign Repair & Maintenance

Are parts of your neon sign not lighting up anymore or even worse the sign is not working at all? In Either case, Boldmedia Signage offer neon sign repair throughout the Johannesburg, Gauteng. Our sign repair experts will get your sign working again in a flash. We also perform regular sign maintenance to keep your sign lit as long as you need it to be.

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We are highly experienced in managing and producing signage for national, corporate store roll outs. Enjoy the confidence that Just Neon will ensure that the same quality product reaches every outlet across the country. We frequently extend this support to operations in Namibia, Botswana and other neighbouring countries.

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We provide general signage rigging and maintenance of the highest quality using our certified, skilled & experienced in house teams. This includes aluminium ladders & scaffolding, high-level rope access and/or cherry pickers. Rhosigns Neon teams operate throughout South Africa and undertake contracts in Namibia, Botswana and other neighbouring countries.

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Just Neon Johannesburg  offers a leasing option on signage projects. This is generally based on a 60-month / 5-year contract. All terms and conditions are laid out in a our comprehensive lease agreement.

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Just Neon Johannesburg has a rental division that services all signage requirements of the film and advertising industry, specifically focusing on neon signage and neon props. Neon signs & transformers can be rented at a daily rate.

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ACM Cladding

Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) cladding can be cut and folded to create sign products and offers a distinctive finish for large areas, including exterior walls, vestibules, ceilings, fascias, column covers, beam wraps and soffit cladding. Essentially two sheets of aluminium bonded to a thermoplastic core, ACM is lightweight yet incredibly strong. It can be supplied in any finish, from metallic to high performance colour coatings.

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Neon Sign Part Repair & Replacement


Just Neon Signs keeps a full line of parts for those in need of replacements, these include the newest neon power supplies, electrode end caps, GTO high voltage cable, transformer boxes, glass housing, porcelain GTO wire supports, glass neon tube supports, Polycarbonate neon tube supports, and other parts that are hard to find. Out location is in Johannesburg, Gauteng. However, all broken neon signs Must Be Brought In to our shop to be repaired, as shipping broken neon signs will not be an option! Give us a call or you can simply email us should you have a broken neon sign that you would like to drop off to have repaired.

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Transformer Replacement

Your neon sign might not be working due to something as simple as a transformer being bad. We have the required equipment for testing your sign and finding the issue, at our shop or on site, which may save you both time and money. We carry all of the different types and sizes of transformers and always have them on hand. You can now save up to 66% on your energy consumption by using the viable replacements that have come out over the past several years, the new ‘electronic transformers’, it will save you energy if you switch up your old electromagnetic transformer.

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