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Custom Designed Neon Signs

Making neon signs is a craft. They can be mimicked but nothing comes close to the real thing. Neon signs are made from long luminous gas-discharge glass tubing, which is hand-blown into the shape specified – either individual letters, words or artistic designs. The glass shape is then filled with either rarefied neon gas or argon gas. The glass tubes are then sealed with a metal electrode at both ends and high-voltage power is run through it to ionize the gas in the tube and make it glow. This is a century-old, highly sophisticated skill. Neon signs cannot be machine-manufactured; each one is individually hand-made by our specialist in-house glass-blowers. All of our raw materials are imported, right down to the wire that carries the charge. The product options are vast. Neon signs are used for signage, architectural or aesthetic lighting and creative designs. Depending on the result required, the glass tubing can form the visible sign itself, or it can provide illumination within a moulded shape. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in demand for neon signs and a revival of appreciation from signage designers.

Moulded and Fabricated Signage

Just Neon offers hand-fabricated and press-moulded signage using a wide variety of mediums. What is referred to as “moulded signage” can be split into two categories: hand-fabricated and press-moulded signage. Press or vacuum-moulded signage uses sophisticated suction machinery, or male-and-female moulds, to form acrylic into a specific shape. Rhosigns Neon’s hand-fabricated signage is physically built around a precast mould. Various materials can be utilized depending the desired result: aluminium, stainless steel, acrylic, wood, copper, brass, Perspex, Anacoil etc. Often two or more materials are used for a more dramatic effect. All moulded signs can be illuminated in some way, either using halo lighting (LED or Neon) in the case of solid materials, or from within in the case of opaque materials. We also mould substrate shapes to carry signage.

LED Lighting For Signage

LED lighting in recent years has revolutionized the signage industry with thousands of versions and applications at your disposal. For any form of creative signage lighting, there’s an LED solution. LED lighting comes in block format and strips carrying LED diodes, which illuminate when a 12-volt current is passed through them. LED lighting can be supplied in any colour imaginable and is well known for its brilliant, yet clear light that is easy to read both close up and from a distance. Its applications include halo illumination and lighting from within the signage, as well as architectural and cove lighting. LED lighting can even mimic neon signs under certain conditions. At Rhosigns Neon we only use high quality, branded LED products with a 5 year rating. Ultimately, their simplicity and ruggedness make them a breeze to install and a headache free investment, all while saving you energy and maintenance.


Billboards tend to be the largest form of signage but they can range from vast volumetric products to relatively smaller free-standing signs. Usually installed outdoors, billboards must be able to withstand all extremes of weather. Designs can be printed directly onto PVC flexface material using a highly durable UV glaze protective coating, or alternatively onto a harder face medium such as Chromadek. Discuss your needs with us and we will advise you of the best solution based on the context, size and longevity required. For more information on our specialised printing of billboards, please see our Large Format Printing page. Just Neon supply the outer frame as well as the printed design, and we have multiple teams of skilled top-rope personnel around the country to flight your billboard or install freestanding billboards on poles. No project is too big – we have even wrapped entire buildings using PVC mesh.

Underbody Wash

These are custom signs that assist in identification and guidance within a specific facility. They contribute significantly to the identity of a space and, as such, quality, materials and design are of utmost importance. At first glance, architectural signage appears simplified in comparison to other forms of signage. However, it has an immensely important role as the extension of a brand or an expression of the quality of the property it adorns, often a commercial space. Examples of architectural signage include building names and foyer directories. They can be cut-out, engraved, etched or laser-cut, and maybe mounted flat against a substrate or pinned away from a wall. Often installed outside or in high-traffic areas, these signs must be durable. Materials used often include glass paneling, brushed aluminium, polished stainless steel, engraved brass and mild steel.

Portals And Pylons

Portals create a prominent entrance feature, while pylons are popular high-visibility signage options. Portals are an integral feature of contemporary retail design. They turn a doorway into a distinctive, welcoming entrance, and may be eye-catching and colourful or aesthetically understated, depending on the brand. Whether we are working on a retail entrance or an imposing portico, constructing a portal is highly specialized work. Just Neon will create the ACM cladding panels for your portal in conjunction with the signage required. This is then shop-fitted into the entrance of your premises or storefront. Pylons are highly visible, free-standing structures that are often illuminated. Again, ACM cladding and signage are integral to the product. Pylons can be designed to any size. For safety, the structure has a concrete footing sunk into the ground. Just Neon brings in structural engineers to sign off the concrete loads, structural work and installation for safety and compliancy.

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