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Neon Transformer – Tortech supplies a variety of ‘siet’ Neon Transformers or “Metalbox” units with a 240V input and outputs ranging from 1kV up to 15kV in either 25/30mA & 50/60mA (depending on the model). These type of high voltage transformers are designed for use with Neon signs and other applications that require a high voltage to operate.


Benefits of the Metallic Box:
  • Protects the resin against atmospheric agents
  • Contains thermal dilation of the resin
  • Highly resistant to atmospheric agents
  • Rated IP44. Suitable for Exterior & Interior Use
  • Protects against EMF interference
  • Case offers mechanical protection
  • Ground connecting case
  • Australian Certificate of Suitability Number: CS6480N

Siet transformers are designed and manufactured with the advanced technology of an electronically controlled impregnation under a high vacuum process. This high vacuum process uses a special epoxy resin with filling compounds. The purpose of this procedure and the chemicals used are to help ensure that the transformers have superb thermal conductivity and excellent dielectric characteristics when in use.

The metal case that embodies the unit functions as a highly efficient way to dissipate the heat from the transformer during operation, and avoiding any possibility of cracks along the body due to distortion caused by excessive heat. This IP44 rated metal case ensures the transformers are superior at protecting the transformer against heat damage and atmospheric agents in comparison to other products on the market that are resin block type construction.

The Metalbox transformers are also built in a mold and are not welded box in order to avoid any rust. The safety mechanism known as a bipolar knife switch is built into the lid to interrupt the power supply once the lid is open.

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Modern and functional signage for small, medium or large businesses

In a world of increased competition, companies of all sizes have recognised the benefits in increasing the awareness of their brand and identity. Servicing a wide range of commercial and retail businesses, we specialise in providing high quality corporate identity signage, reception branding, boardroom, office and meeting room solutions, custom window signage, illuminated and lightbox signs, wayfinding and directory signage. Just Neon has a longstanding reputation for providing creative and modern signage solutions for all outdoor and indoor applications. Whether you need to bring your branding to life or create a little privacy, our versatile and customised printing and signage solutions provide you with the look and result you require.

Custom Interior Signage

Custom interiors enhance the look and feel of your environment and create maximum impact. Just Neon provides a range of professional and creative solutions to transform all types of interior spaces such as commercial offices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and sales centres. Digital wallpaper has become one of the most fashionable and versatile solutions for interior branding and decorating both large and small wall spaces. Custom wallpaper printed using our solvent based technology is not only vibrant but has great UV longevity. It also offers the flexibility to be removed without leaving any damage or residue on the wall surface, which is particularly appealing in heritage buildings and museum environments. High quality solvent canvas printing has gained much popularity in modern décor theming for hotels, offices and sales centres. Our high quality solvent canvas looks and feels like true artist canvas. Expertly stretched over a stretcher frame it provides a cost effective solution for visual images of all sizes.

Portable, compact and reliable display systems

Portable display systems have become a modern affordable accessory essential for marketing any size business. Their portability and ease of use allows them to be used in almost any environment. Requiring a minimum amount of floor space, portable displays have become a popular choice for promoting brand awareness and products. Suitable for trade shows, conferences, reception areas, point of sale, events and showrooms, there is a system available to suit any budget or fit any space. Portable displays can include pull up banners of various sizes or pop up displays in standard sizes for maximum impact indoors or outdoors. Display systems can also be custom built for large exhibitions. Make the most of your space and maximise your brand with quality printing and portability.

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