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Finish off your neon sign with our choice of backing options, designed to protect your neon sign or just to add the perfect finishing touch. We have many different choices of backing, and while acrylic tends to be the most popular, there are a number of styles including specialist backings.If you wish, you can even supply us with your own backing for us to fit the neon on to. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask.


In acrylic case backing consists of a back, sides and a front so the neon tubes are fully encased. The back is usually clear, satin black or satin white but there are other colours and finishes available upon request. It is not compulsory to have the neon tubes covered over but many of our clients go for this option to create a traditional neon sign look or for protection against the neon tubes being broken. Acrylic cases can be fixed to a wall or other fascia, suspended from chains or steel cable, or even free stand on a flat surface. We typically use 10mm thick acrylic for the sides of the case to make them more robust. If you choose an acrylic case, you can simply hang your sign or fix to the wall, and plug into a standard mains plug socket.


An acrylic panel is simply a single piece of rectangular, square or shaped acrylic, with a choice of clear, satin black or satin white. We do have other colours and finishes available on request. We usually use 10mm thick acrylic to ensure the panel is robust. Acrylic panel backings are popular for leaving the neon tubes exposed, but still having the ability to hang the sign or fix it to a wall, and simply plug into a mains socket. It is an simpler alternative to having neon tubes fitted directly to the wall, which requires specialist installation. An acrylic panel can be fixed to a wall or fascia using aluminium stand offs supplied by us, or it can be suspended from chains or a steel cable. Acrylic panels can free stand on a flat surface depending on its size, when an appropriate base is attached.


An acrylic case in one full colour is a great alternative to a panel, particularly if you don’t want to see the transformer or cables when looking at the neon sign from the side. They are hidden within the case, with the neon tubes fitted on to the front of the case. The acrylic cases in one colour are usually satin black or satin white, to give a really sleek overall finish. We can provide other colours of acrylic upon request. Our acrylic case in one colour are supplied ready to hang up and plug into a standard mains plug socket.


A printed background for your neon sign adds a completely different dimension to the overall design, giving it that extra wow factor. As long as we can obtain or be provided with a high resolution file, we can print anything (subject to copyright). This could be anything from a company logo, a pop art style background, an image you like from a stock photography site, a digital print you have purchased, or a photograph. Photographs in particular can provide a great memento of an event such as a wedding, birthday or just a favourite family photo. Neon signs with a printed background are supplied ready to hang and be plugged into a standard mains socket.


If you are hoping to replicate a detailed or complex logo that can’t all be completed in neon due to its size or level of detail, we can use vinyl in combination with neon.

The vinyl itself is non-illuminated but it can help to create more complex pieces.

Generally when we use vinyl, it needs to be either on an acrylic case or acrylic panel. Vinyl can also be used to infill outline letters.

Neon with vinyl signs are supplied ready to hang and plug into a standard mains socket.


We can offer the supply of neon only, for projects where no backing is required or needed for the neon sign. This means the neon can befitted directly to the wall.

In these instances, we will supply the neon sections, tube supports, end caps, HT cable and transformers as separate components. The neon should then be installed by a neon sign installer, and be installed in accordance with the latest IET Wiring Regulations.

We can offer contact details of neon sign installers in certain areas of the country.


If acrylic isn’t really your thing or you would prefer a neon sign backing that has more texture to it, we can offer a number of different wooden panel backing options.

Wooden panels have a more natural and rustic feel. As with acrylic panels, these can be fixed to the wall, or hung from chains or steel cable, and then simply plugged into a standard mains socket.


Artificial foliage backings, such as green walls or flower walls, have been popular for some time now. They can look great when paired with a vibrant neon sign.

We can either supply neon signs on an artificial foliage panel to use as a piece of artwork, or you can incorporate the neon sign into a complete flower wall or green wall.

For the latter, we can supply the neon on a panel that you can fit in front of the foliage. You could also have the neon sections fitted directly on to the artificial wall, but this will require a neon sign installer to help.


If you have your own backing that you would like us to fit the neon to, please just ask. We have fitted neon on to canvases, prints and painted backings that our clients have supplied to us.

If we don’t think it will be possible, we will let you know, but if you don’t ask you don’t get!


When it comes to fitting neon onto a metal backing, this really depends on the actual backing itself. For example, it is really difficult to fit neon onto a metal wire backing, as we need to be able to secure a tube support (this is what holds the neon tubes in place) on to something with a screw.

We are able to source perforated metal panels in a variety of patterns.



Although not actually a backing, if you are looking for an industrial look, or want to protect the front of the neon tubes, but aren’t keen on an acrylic cover, then we can supply metal cages to go over the front of your neon sign.

The holes in the cage can either be square or rectangular


We have access to acrylic in a whole spectrum of colours and other finishes, so if you would like something a bit different from the standard clear, black or white, then please ask.


We are continually on the lookout for new suppliers to work with, who can offer more specialist backing options, which when used in conjunction with our neon create a truly stunning finished piece of neon artwork, that will look amazing in both commercial and domestic interiors.

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