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Light up your life with eye-catching signs & wall art for business, events & home decor

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LED Neon Business Signs

Put your logo in lights, create a neon light sign for your next corporate event, add unique LED neon decor to your office or stand out at the tradeshow with a neon custom sign. Indoor or water resistant, company name or logo, tagline or mascot, we design and create eye catching LED neon light signs for a wide range of businesses across all industries.  To create your own bespoke neon business sign please upload your logo, company name, tagline or artwork here. We’ll send you one or more custom designs with prices for you to review. Our bespoke neon design service is free and we’re happy to work with you to make sure you receive a customised neon designed exactly the way you want.


Our Services

just neon south africa

Custom Neon Business Signs

We have had the pleasure of working with an amazing array of companies – from multi-national corporates to entrepreneurial starts-up – in every conceivable industry. In addition to creating neon business signs in Australia, we’ve designed and produced high quality LED neon signs for the world’s largest workspace provider, global corporations and many international brands. At the other end of the scale we’re proud to have created on-trend neon business signs for major Australian retailers, local takeaways, cafes, beauty salons and even a mobile bar in a horse carriage! Modern neon sign lights are no longer only used for store fronts and on the sides of buildings. The cost effective, energy efficient, lightweight properties of LED neon flex allows businesses to take advantage of the eye catching nature high quality LED signs at a more attractive price than glass neon. Not only are LED neon light signs cheaper, they’re also easier to install due to being less fragile and lighter than traditional glass neon. In most cases, you won’t need an installation team, you can simply wall mount or hang it yourself. Our low prices and our quick turn around time on custom designs means you can now afford to have a custom neon light sign for a one off event, sale, trade show, fashion boutique dressing room, nightclub bathroom, sponsored charity event – anything you want!

just neon south africa

Custom Neon Logo Sign

No matter what industry you’re in, custom logo neon signs are an immediate draw card for customers. They’re bright, efficient, durable, recyclable, safer and more cost effective than glass neon. Whatever your logo is we can turn it into a stylish neon sign light. First your logo is designed online – we trace it, using the outlines to create a visually appealing LED neon light. Brand name logos looks awesome as neon word signs. We’ve also had a lot of experience with artistic logos and pairing LED neon with UV printing and other signage options to create the perfect custom made neon signs. If your logo needs to be simplified to work as a neon sign we will work closely with you to make sure we get it just right. So go on and get your logo in lights; brighten up your shop front with a neon open sign; create a neon light sign for your next corporate event, get an LED neon sign for your office; and stand out at the tradeshow with a customised neon sign. Indoor or water resistant, company name or logo, tagline or mascot, we design and create eye catching LED neon light signs for a wide range of businesses across all industries.

just neon south africa

Custom LED Shop Front Signs

A custom LED sign made with neon LED flex is so inexpensive that even small businesses and start-ups can afford to have at least one. The real question is, can you afford not to? Snap happy millennials aren’t the only ones looking for a photo worthy backdrop to grace their next social media uploads. Grab yourself some free online publicity with our neon lights for store windows, animated neon signs, neon art, or on-trend neon word signs. Every business needs a bright neon light to attract potential customers. The types of businesses most often associated with neon signs are cinemas, bars, nightclubs, and tattoo parlours but that’s changing fast

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Outdoor Neon Signs

Looking for LED neon outdoor signs for your business? We can help you with waterproof and weatherproof LED neon lights. We have a few options for outdoor neon signs so please let us know what you’re looking for and we can advise on the best option. All of our outdoor neon business signs are UV resistant and come with a 24 month manufacturer’s warranty. Our LED flex neon signs conform to CE, RoHS and UL certification.

our services

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What We Do

We create stunning LED neon light art, a wide variety of eye-catching business signs, beautiful wedding name signs, personalized neon signs as gifts, customized neon home decor, and photo-worthy LED neon signs for parties and events. All of our signs, sculptures, wall art, and lamps are handcrafted using flexible LED mounted on clear acrylic backboards, stands, or boxes. LED flex neon products are more cost-effective, durable, energy-efficient, safer, and lighter than glass neon products while providing an incredible visual impact on par with, or even greater than, what you get with a traditional glass neon sign.


just neon south africa

Handmade LED Neon Signs & Art

Custom Neon creates beautiful, handmade LED neon signs, light installations, lamps & wall art. Let us light up your business logo, name, favourite quote or image & turn it into something amazing.

The majority of our work – including the signs shown on this page – is done in LED flex, which has become increasingly popular in recent years as a fantastic alternative to the old style neon signs made with glass tubes.

There are some compelling reasons to work with this new technology such as it’s safer, longer lasting, more versatile, and definitely more affordable.

Easy to Install

No special installation team needed, just hang as you would any sign or wall art. All of our Just Neon lights come with pre-drilled holes for easy hanging & wall mounting.

Lightweight and Portable

LED flex is considerably lighter than glass making LED neon signs lightweight enough to use just about anywhere, including shopfront windows, bedroom walls, parties, tradeshows, events, and much more.

Durable and Affordable

We offer the latest neon flex technology that is less expensive, more robust, and lighter than glass neon signs.

Energy Efficient

Our lighted signs are both economical and eco-friendly. They have low energy consumption and a 50,000+ hour lifespan.


Our signs are made from LED neon light tubes that have no breakable glass and no noxious chemicals. The LED lights do not heat up so they are safe to touch.

Low Maintenance

Custom Neon’s signs are very hardwearing, easy to clean, and practically maintenance free.


Our custom-designed signs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for corporate events, weddings, wall art, and personalized gift ideas.


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